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Are politics taboo in the Hungarian celebrity world?

The new U.S. president will be inaugurated on Wednesday, with plenty of traditions, including parade, speeches and even a ball accompanying the event. The inauguration is set to be a low-key occasion this year because of the pandemic, few tickets have been distributed and probably fewer stars are likely to attend.


They are the ones involved in shaping political consciousness

Parents, family, friends –traditionally the most important actors in our lives. They are ahead in other aspects as well, despite the fact that they compete with celebrities, entrepreneurs, companies and religious leaders: they have the biggest influence in shaping our political opinions. At least this is what was revealed by a parallel study recently conducted in the United States and in Hungary, which also revealed that there is something that Hungarians consider to be even more important than the freedom of choice. 


Women leaders influenced the outcome of the US elections

Just like the Hungarian voters, the majority of Americans also claim that the gender of the political candidate does not influence their choice - this is what was revealed by the representative research of the Lounge Group. It can be said of male respondents that they considered the gender issue to be more important in the case of a candidate than their female counterparts. Democrats wanted to play safe in this regard as well and gave women an important, leading role in the 2020 campaign.


Donald Trump will win the elections according to Hungarians

Among other things, this was revealed by the Lounge Group's unique research, which was conducted in parallel in the USA and Hungary in connection with the US presidential election to be held on 3 November. We are already revealing what percentage of Hungarians are expecting Donald Trump's victory and how many people think that Barack Obama is still the American president.